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One day to be surrounded by nature will heal your daily fatigue

Including a Daifunto hot water that raises hot water

Clear streams, natural forests of beech, etc.

Oyasu Onsen Village where there are rich nature in each Oyasu Onsen Village.

In addition, festivals such as Yuzawa City, Yokote City, Nishimonai

Its proximity to the Ryokan easy to reach.
  • You can enjoy various landscapes every season at "Oyasukyo"

                            Cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green in summer, autumn leaves in autumn, snow scenery in winter.
                          You can also enjoy the colors of different seasons according to spring, summer autumn and winter,
                                Oyasukyo is an attraction of Oyasukyo.
    • Spring / Oyasukyo fountain

    • Summer / Oyasukyo fountain

    • Autumn / Oyasukyo fountain

    • Winter / Oyasukyo fountain

  • Events in the vicinity of Oyasukyo Onsen

    <Last Saturday>Yukitopia Nanamagari / Ugo Town
    <First Saturday>Shigakko Festival / Minase, Yuzawa City  
    <Second Saturday · Sunday>Inukko Festival / Yuzawa City
    <From the 1st to the late Shakuyaku Festival>Shakuyaku Festival / Ono, Yuzawa City  
    <2nd Sunday>Oyasukyo Tsurikko Competition / Minase, Yuzawa City  
    <Second Sunday>Komachi Festival / Ogachi, Yuzawa City  
    <15th to 30th>Cherry Festival / Jumonji, Yokote City
  • Events in the vicinity of Oyasukyo Onsen

    <Early Yukko Village’s Onsen Festival>Yukko Village’s Onsen Festival / Minase, Yuzawa City  
    <First gold ・ Saturday ・ Sunday>Sennin (mountain hermit) practice / Higashi Naruse village  
    <Sunday 5th to 7th>Tanabata Edoro Festival / Yuzawa City  
    <7th>Yuzawa Tanabata Health Marathon / Yuzawa City  
    <8th>Ogachi great fireworks display / Ogachi, Yuzawa City  
    <15th>Minase Michinoku Meruhen Monogatari / Minase, Yuzawa City  
    <16th-18th>Nishimonai Bon-Odori / Ugo Town  
    <Saturday 4th>Omagari National Fireworks Competition / Omagari, Daisen City
    <The fourth Sunday>Daimyo Gyoretsu (procession) / Yuzawa City  
    <14th>Fireworks display at Masuda / Masuda, Yokote City  
    <21st> In-house Innai Silver Mine Festival / Ogachi, Yuzawa City
    <12th-15th>Kawatsura painting fair / Kawatsura Town, Yuzawa City