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Tarobee original taste, with a Tarobee on seasonal ingredients

Cook dish arranged in a meal

All hands on service managers.

Wild vegetables and mountain stream fish,

Hospitable with seasonal ingredients

Tarobee original taste.

Introduction of Tarobee recommended dishes

  • Special room supper dinner menu(One case)

    Passionate seasonal vegetables cooked and served with locally produced ingredients with truth.
    We offer rock fish for pottery, but we made homemade miso which we lay for 3 years
    Enjoy "Homemade walnut miso rockfish's foil grilled" packed with local walnuts and stuffed in rocky fish belly.
    We will offer.
    Served with vegetables of the season the sirloin steak of Minase Beef is a beef of local produce in the main
    I am baked.
    If you are not good at meat please feel free to change to fish etc. as long as you can tell at the time of reservation.
    Others We are happy to serve the dishes according to the season.

    ※It may vary depending on the season.
  • Dinner Gozen(One case)

    ※Food ingredients may vary depending on the season.
  • Breakfast

  • Chokotto Buffet (Breakfast)

    The buffet has been discontinued as a measure against the new coronavirus infection.
    We will serve a little bit assorted for each table.

    ※Food ingredients may vary depending on the season.

Click here when using on a day trip

  • Set meal for day trip, "Advance reservation required"

    Minase Beef lobster set meal 1,980 yen(tax included)
     ∟ Braised leaves·Two small pots·Udon noodles·rice·pickles·Soup stock

    Inaniwa Udon set meal 1,100 yen(tax included)
     ∟ Inaniwa Udon·Two small pots·rice·pickles

    Grilled fish set meal 1,320 yen(tax included)
     ∟ 岩 魚·Two small pots·rice·pickles·Soup stock

    ※Besides this, there are sashimi set meals and tempura set meals, and there are also Yamana set meals and Kiritanpo (rice cake) Hot Pot set meals depending on the season.

    ※Usually we will have dinner at the Irori-an.
     When you wish for guest room or private room, we may refuse by crowded condition.
     Please note.