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Hotel Name

ryokan, Tarobee


121-5 Minase Yumoto, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



About 40 minutes by car from Akita Expressway Yuzawa IC
Tohoku Expressway Tsukidate IC 1 hour 30 minutes from Furukawa IC, along Route 398

Pick-up presence (condition)
There is a private bus from Yuzawa Station at 14 o'clock.Please write in the comments when booking.
Because the departure bus leaves the hotel at 12 o'clock
If you are going home early please use the regular bus.
Check out will be at 10 o'clock

TEL 0183-47-5016
FAX 0183-47-5047

Status of road closure during the winter season

♦ Nigo-Oyu Line(Ichinoseki(Mt Kurikoma on the Iwate Prefecture side)Yuzawa)Road closure in winter
  November 1, 2018 until mid-May, 2019

♦ winter closed to traffic between the Akinomiya - Doroyu Onsen ~ Oyasu
  From November 16, 2018 until the middle of May 2019
  ※Sukawa IC There may be instructions to head towards Doroyu Onsen district in Prefectural Road 51 Nabis.
Because you can not pass through, navigate in accordance with the road signs as you wish.

♦ National Route 398(Kurihara City, Miyagi Prefecture ~ Yuzawa)Road closure in winter
 From November 24, 2018 until late April 2019
  • When using a car

    ❶ Yuzawa Yokote Expressway Yuzawa IC → Ryokan Tarobee(About 45 minutes)

    ❷ Furukawa IC → Naruko Town → Onikobe → Ogachi, Yuzawa City → Ryokan Tarobee(About 2 hours 30 minutes)

    ❸ Tsukidate IC → Hanayama → Kurikoma → Ryokan Tarobee(About 1 hour 30 minutes)
    ※It will be closed during the winter.
    【About the road closure in winter】
    Miyagi Prefecture, Hanayama - Yuzawa
    Iwate Prefecture, Ichinoseki - Yuzawa
    This is the road closure.
    Road that can be used in winter
    Tohoku Expressway → From Yuzawa IC or Naruko → Onigashira → Yuzawa
  • When using JR · bus

    ❶ When using the Yamagata bullet train
     (Yamagata bullet train), Tokyo Station → Shinjo Station, (About 3 hours 20 minutes)
     (Ou Main Line),  Shinjo Station → Yuzawa Station, (Approximately 60 minutes * In case of rapid)
     (Ugo Kotsu Bus)Yuzawa Station → Motoyu(Ryokan Tarobee)(About 1 hour 10 minutes)

    ❷ When using the Akita Shinkansen
     (Akita Shinkansen), Tokyo Station → Omagari Station, (About 3 hours 30 minutes)
     (Ou Main Line),  Omagari Station → Yuzawa Station, (Approximately 40 minutes * In case of rapid)
     (Ugo Kotsu Bus)Yuzawa Station → Motoyu(Ryokan Tarobee)(About 1 hour 10 minutes)

    ※Ugo Kotsu Oyasu Hot Springs Toriya direction line at Yuzawa Eki-mae bus stop in JR Yuzawa Eki-mae of JR Yuzawa Eki-mae.
     Get off at Motoyu and the front is the Ryokan Tarobee.

    ※Please see the following for time etc.

    ■ East Japan Railway Company Railway Co., Ltd. Akita Branch office
    ■ Ugo Transportation Co.

    ※Free pickup is also accepted.Please make a reservation by telephone until the previous day.
     Greeted: Yuzawa Station departs at 14 o'clock, Feed: Ryokan Tarobee 12 o'clock