A big public bath with Akita Sugi and four hot springs and service managers with different tastes boast of handmade dishes made with passionate ingredients themselves.I hope to express my hospitality of Akita accent.
Ryokan, Tarobee
Hot water guard magnificent in twelve generations, taste hot water and taste to my heart's content


Welcome Oyasu Gorge"Oyasu Gorge"

Ramping up constantly
As hot water blows out from rocky skin
Oyasukyo Daifunto falling down
Symbol of hot spring town with plenty of hot water
is.Please enjoy the coloring in each of the four seasons.
The changing beauty and power of nature
Wander around a certain scenery relaxingly
How about

Information from Tarobee

  • Information on road closure due to freezing

    ☆Prefectural Road 282 (Nigo-Oyu Line) Closed at night

    ☆Miyagi- Yuzawa closed at night due to National Route 398

    Please be careful if you are coming to Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture (this hotel) from the Mt Kurikoma
  • Measures against new coronavirus at this facility

    ●Employees will always wear a mask.
    ●We perform identity verification, temperature measurement, and physical condition confirmation for visitors.
    ●We would like to ask our visitors to wear masks and disinfect their hands.
    ●Employees regularly wash their hands, gargle and disinfect with alcohol.
    ●In addition to cleaning the facility, employees regularly disinfect and ventilate alcohol.
    (Handrails and doorknobs in common areas, toilets, around the lobby, each guest room)
    ●Alcohol disinfection is installed in common areas.
    ●If it is crowded, we will limit the use of hot springs and guide you by time difference.
    ●Please line up alone or with a small number of people when making a payment.

    Please check the website below from the Japan Tourism Agency.
  • The budget limit of Akita Prefectural Discount has been reached.

    I'm sorry!

    The Akita Prefectural Discount Budget for this facility has reached the upper limit.

    New applications have been closed since September 30th.

    This facility accepts prefectural discounts in the order of reservation.
    Those who have made a reservation by 23:59 on Thursday, October 14th are eligible.

    ※If you apply from the reservation site at an address outside the prefecture, you need to declare in advance.
    Unless it is not covered.
    ※If there is a cancellation, the prefectural discount may be resumed.

    If you are uncertain whether the prefectural discount will be applied, please use the inquiry form of this facility.
    Please check by email or phone.

    ※Regional coupons cannot be used at this facility.

GOTO Travel Campaign

  • GOTO Travel Campaign※Currently canceled※

    ●For those who book plan for Goto campaign
    No discounts on the GoTo Travel campaign will be applied once the booking is complete.
    After making a reservation, go to the STAY NAVI service and proceed with the GoTo campaign discount procedure.
    After issuing the coupon, the discount will be applied by presenting the GoTo Travel Campaign Discount coupon number issued by STAY NAVI to the front desk.

    ·Customers making phone reservations should issue a coupon from the STAY NAVI website.We can also issue on behalf of you.Please call us.

Hotel Facilities

  • front desk

    <Opening Hours>
    6: 30 - 21: 00

    (When you make an inquiry from the room, please have extension number 9.)
    ※For inquiries outside business hours please go by extension number 218.
  • Tea Lounge "Temma"

    <Opening Hours>
    8:00 to 21:00

    Coffee, 400 yen
    iced coffee, 400 yen
    Black tea, 400 yen
    Orange juice, 300 yen

  • Souvenirs

    Opening hours: 8 am to 6 pm

    Popularity immovable every month!

    【Service manager handmade cookie】

    Please enjoy local specialties (Iburigakko (Japanese radish pickles), Umeboshi etc.).
    We have abundant stocks.
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Hotel Name

Ryokan, Tarobee


121-5 Minase Yumoto, Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture

Telephone number



About 40 minutes by car from Akita Expressway Yuzawa IC
Tohoku Expressway Tsukidate IC 1 hour 30 minutes from Furukawa IC, along Route 398

Pick-up available(All Year), "Advance reservation required"
Yuzawa Station, 14:00, Before and after → Ryokan, 14:45, Arrival
Ryokan, 12:00, Departure → Yuzawa Station, 12:45, Arrival

※Increased flights during winter
Depart from Yuzawa Station, 11:00, 14:00, 16:00
Ryokan, 10:00, 12:00, 15:00

TEL 0183-47-5016
FAX 0183-47-5047
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Recommended Plan

  • 【Dinner Upgrade】☆Minase Beef sirloin steak 90 g☆Service manager Recommended feast table set

    Foot of Mt Kurikoma Minase Beef that grew up surrounded by the rich nature of Foot of Mt Kurikoma.
    Please enjoy Minase Beef Grade 's Minase Beef with mellow fleshy and soft flavorful melting flavor.
    Please eat fun at the steak!
    ※The photograph is a sirloin steak 180 g.We usually offer 90 g of sirloin steak.When changing to 180 g please apply at the time of reservation. We will pay 2,700 yen separately at the site.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.